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Tips for St. Patrick’s Day in NYC

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Saint Patrick’s Day is less than a week away and I intend to have a full agenda for celebrating this wonderful holiday.  If you will be in NYC this weekend, below are a few events that should get you into the spirit!  I’ve also included a list of my favorite Irish Pubs.  How will you be celebrating?

Events for the Sophisticated Whiskey Drinker (or the drinker that doesn’t feel like standing in a Parade of madness!)

St. Patrick’s Weekend Irish New York Tour

A special tour for St. Patrick’s Weekend. Explore the former “Little Ireland” district of the Lower East Side, between City Hall and Houston Street as we examine the tremendous role of Irish immigrants in the history of New York City.   This “family friendly” tour will explain why St. Patrick’s Day is more popular here than in Ireland.  Stops could include: the founding site of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Al Smith’s home, the Five Points, the first Catholic church in the city, and sites associated with Tammany Hall, Thomas Addis Emmet, and many others.

Slainte: Irish Whiskey Cocktails and Cheese

For those of you who enjoy a fine whiskey food pairing, join Anthony Caporale (host of the Art of the Drink Web series) for a night of handpicked craft Irish whiskey cocktails paired with world-famous cheeses from Ireland. In addition to tasting you will get a 101 on mixing cocktails like the Zesty Irishman (Bushmills, Drambuie, triple sec) and the Jameson-spiked Buena Vista Irish Coffee. Each drink will be paired with fromage selections from Murray’s Cheese Shop.

The Man, the Legend and the Whiskey 

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Astoria Whiskey Society and Tullamore D.E.W. at Hell Gate Tiki.  Festivities will kick off with a VIP tasting exclusively for Astoria Whiskey Society members from 2 – 3:30PM.  Tim Herlihy, Brand Ambassador for Tullamore D.E.W. will walk you through their exciting portfolio.  After that, get the party started with $3 Tullamore D.E.W. shots and $6 “Luck of the Irish” cocktails.  Enjoy live music and get your grub on with an Irish BBQ beginning at 4PM!

Now on to my favorite watering holes…

Irish Pubs to Add to Your Library

1. Molly’s Shebeen


2. Ceol 


3. The Dead Poet


Glasses Up to Saint Patrick’s Day!

Loyal fans, thank you for always checking into my blog!  I have been traveling for the past couple of months and have unfortunately been missing in action on The Whiskey Dame.

The good news is that I’ve been all over the nation (and soon Scotland) and have learned about whisk(e)y from the people who love drinking it!


In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day I bring you a toast to the Irish.

Glasses up to the lighthearted

Keep their rebellion alive

Let their stories become legends

And their legends become lives.

And to the Irish Spirits

Keep them mirthful and true

Let their strong souls be quenched

With a Tullamore Dew!

A Toast to Irish True

It’s that time of year when strings of paper shamrocks line store front windows, the color green dyes everything from beer to bagels, and girls pull out their “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” tank tops.  On March 17th people all over the United States set out for a day of drinking and feasting to celebrate their inner Irish American.  Once properly dressed, they set out in packs lining up at the most “Irish” pub around and ordering pints of Guinness and shots of Jameson.

Americans have long embraced the tradition of St. Patrick’s day, but it seems to have become a bit of a frat party instead of a day honoring the true Irish spirit.  The Irish are mirthful and jovial, emotional and devoted while being rebellious and poetic at the same time.  They have strong souls and light hearts with a mystery in their laugh and a twinkle in their eye.  Their stories become legends passed through Irish generations, complete with a bit of whiskey raised to quick wit and sealed with a toast.

In celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day I raise a glass of Tullamore Dew to three extraordinary Irish women who embody the spirit of what being Irish is all about. 

Grace O’Malley

To her knowledge and her fight

And the respect from her men

As they captured the night

Pirate queen she had been


Raise a glass to the rebel

And her love for the sea

A song on her life shall prevail

As we share this whiskey!


Sister Sarah Clarke

Here’s to the pressure she faced

And the inmates embraced

As her life she invested

Freeing the wrongly arrested


Known for loving the sinner

But for hating the sin

Glasses up to a winner

Drink to her and her kin!


Catherine Hayes

Her life beginning in rags

Soon turned in to treasures

Singing songs while she worked

Made her presence a pleasure


A born opera star

Claimed the first of her kind

With a glass in your hand

Cheers to her for all time!


Cheers to a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


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